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Verkföll á Pokerstars 1-3 Desember

Nýr á Skráðu þig hér, ókeypis!
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jakobfr   . Nóv 06 2015 13:24. Athugasemdir 341

''This topic was created on the Russian poker forum Gipsyteam (link ); in the next 24 hours it gathered 130 participants (with their PokerStars nicknames and stakes). We have 3 more weeks to gather up to 1000 participants. This topic is sure to get a wide coverage in the Russian poker community. We need the same coverage in the English-speaking community.

The terms of demarche:
1. Refusal of playing at PokerStars over the 1st–3rd of December period, starting on the 1st of December 00:01 BB, ending — on the 3rd of December 00:01 BB.
2. Withdrawal on the 1st of December of any sum comfortable for you (no need to withdraw all of your funds).
Additional info:
— The demarche will take place if we gather 100+ participants, their nicknames to be indicated in the list. If we gather less number of participants, there would be no point in making this actions possible, so don't be afraid to enroll now — if the demarche is canceled due to little number of participants, you won't have to do anything at all.
— No need to enroll if you are not a PokerStars regular — we need 100 active players in particular.
— See the first post for actual info.
The goals of demarche:
?) To gather support from active players;
?) To conduct a test strike and estimate its success;
?) To show PokerStars that we care and we're ready to start pressing before they implement any changes in the VIP-system in 2016.

Tell your friends and "colleagues" about the demarche. It would be perfect if everyone shares the link with 2–3 regulars, also we'll need reposts in popular poker-blogs.

To register, you'll have to provide the following:
I (PokerStars nickname) shall not play at my stakes (type of game and stakes) from the 1st to the 3rd of December.
If you don't want to disclose your full nickname, replace some symbols with "*" (e.g. "Nickn***"''

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Zigslick   Iceland. Nóv 06 2015 16:44. Athugasemdir 761

engir reggar 1 - 3 des? ég mun spila

leos147   Iceland. Nóv 07 2015 12:26. Athugasemdir 3671

  Þann Nóvember 06 2015 16:44 skrifaði Zigslick:
engir reggar 1 - 3 des? ég mun spila

Hahah, einmitt það sem ég var að hugsa.

leos147   Iceland. Nóv 07 2015 12:27. Athugasemdir 3671

En ætli maður taki ekki bara pásu þessa daga

jakobfr   . Nóv 10 2015 20:49. Athugasemdir 341


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