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VissiHaus   . Mar 21 2014 03:57. Athugasemdir 233

Advising SPECIAL stakes on Armenia to win Eurovision 2014


It's between Armenia, Sweden and Norge this year. Sweden and Norge will share votes from the Northen-Europe countries while Armenia will get the majority of votes from the Eastern-Europe countries.

Armenia is all in all a better quality song than the other two with an absolute WORLD singer.

The odds on Armenia opened at 4,000 but have already been smashed down to nearly 2,000 on every site.

The last 13 Eurovisions the betting sites have got it right 12 times, as in the country with the lowest odds wins the competition. The only time it failed, it was a really boring ballad anyway, which I personally wouldn't have bet on. And guess what, this year Armenia has the lowest odds. The gap is already pretty big and I think it will get even bigger when it nears the competition.


The limit for this on sites is pretty low so if you're a big staker you're gonna have to shop around alot, betting on price changes etc.

I've personally already more than doubled my biggest bet ever on this.

Good luck all.

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VissiHaus   . Mar 21 2014 10:33. Athugasemdir 233

Just the fact that betting sites are 12/13 like previously stated, with one boring song slipping under the radar, makes this a bet, whichever song it is that has lowest odds.

In addition I'm a big Euro fan and I've been following the contest for a couple of years (only just started betting on it last year tho, STUPID) and for the last 2 months I've been all over this, listened to every single song many times and just really thought this through.

Also, the Eastern-Europe countries tend to get ALOT of points from eachother, even if the songs are boring! So when an Eastern country has a world song like now, with a WORLD singer that is actually pretty famous it WILL stack up on points.

Sweden and Norge seem to be in the next two places with a MEHH songs in my opinion. Norge is just to relaxed to win this and yes Sweden has an explosion but please, this song is just not entertaining. And then the fact comes in that they will probably share votes between eachother from the Northern-Europe countries. Should make a lil difference.

Regarding youtube views, they could possibly give an example. Armenia is nearing 1 mil views in 6 days while Sweden is at 400k in 12 days.

Just so many reasons for this to win, but basically the formula is; if the song with the lowest odds is good, it just wins. Simple as that!

Everything combined makes this a SPECIAL bet for me.

VissiHaus   . Apr 07 2014 02:27. Athugasemdir 233

this will def hurt him a little but with a whole month and 3 days until the contest I think this will blow over. for ppl to deep you can back sweden at 6,000 now to cover, if Armenia doesn't win, it will be Sweden imo

saemihemma   . Apr 10 2014 04:27. Athugasemdir 1320

hvað í andskotanum er í gangi?

VissiHaus   . Apr 12 2014 13:19. Athugasemdir 233

Money, that's what's going on.

VissiHaus   . Apr 14 2014 05:34. Athugasemdir 233


no pooing at all in London yesterday so it's almost in the bag now.

can't wait to see the big stage show on 6th of May!

TeSpartan   Iceland. Apr 20 2014 13:28. Athugasemdir 995

Eru menn komnir neck deep í austur-evrópskar skuldir og eru að vinna upp í þær með því að vera Eurovision betting affiliate,

Þetta er Ísland í dag.......

VissiHaus   . Apr 23 2014 04:27. Athugasemdir 233

hahahah you got me!


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